Chapter History

The American Association of Blacks in Energy (“AABE”) is a national organization of energy professionals founded and dedicated to ensure the input of African Americans and other minorities in the discussions and developments of energy policies, regulations, research and development technologies, and environmental issues.  AABE is an inclusive organization.

The Virginia Chapter of ABBE was established by Ed Baine, Drexel Harris, Carlos Brown, Morenike Miles, Jerome Myers, Linda Haskins, Jeff Washington, and Walter Baker.

The AABE Virginia Chapter’s initial focus in 2010 through 2011are listed below:


•   Resource for policy discussion - environmental and energy

•   Professional development

•   Networking opportunities

•   Recruit minorities into energy-related careers

•   Provide scholarships

•   Membership open to all Virginia employees

•   Union/non-union, exempt/non-exempt

•   Non-Dominion individual in energy related field

Activities Complete/In-Progress

•   Planning Committee established

•   By-Laws developed

•   Non-profit 501 (c)(3)

•   Budget for 2011 established

•   Officers selected (Interim)

•   Central Virginia focus (Initial)

•   Professional License Membership fee - $125 ($100 to AABE, $25 to AABE Virginia Chapter)

Next Steps

•   Solicit other energy companies and agencies to join

•   Membership reception at Dominion Innsbrook office on April 13, 2011

•   Chapter membership requirements (10 members)

•   AABE National Conference on April 26, 2011

•   Summer Community Service Event

•   Elect AABE Virginia Chapter Officers

•   Establish 2012 Goals and Objectives

From conception to establishment, the AABE Virginia Chapter has remained true to its vision and purpose and we welcome anyone that is interested in the mission of AABE and the AABE Virginia Chapter.

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