About Us

The purposes of the Virginia Chapter of AABE include the following:

  1. To serve as a resource for policy discussions on the economic, social and political impact of environmental and energy policies on the African American community and other minority communities.
  2. To promote and develop the professional skills of our members and to build leaders who will shape the future of the energy industry.
  3. To provide networking opportunities for stakeholders across all segments of the energy industry who are committed to professional excellence, civic responsibility, and diversity and inclusion in the workforce.
  4. To ensure involvement of African Americans and other minorities in governmental energy policymaking by recommending capable, sensitive, and informed personnel to appropriate officials.
  5. To encourage both the public and private sectors to be responsive to the challenges, goals and aspirations of African Americans and other minorities in energy-related fields.
  6. To encourage African Americans and other minorities to pursue careers in energy related fields and to provide support through mentoring and networking.

As a reminder, we are a diverse chapter and all are welcome to join.  Staty connected and be counted among the energy professionals in Virginia by actively participating in the Virginia Chapter of AABE.

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